Custom Software Development. Software Prototyping. Web Design. Mobile Applications.

We design, build and support custom software, websites and mobile applications.

We Discover

Building software starts with discovery, knowledge sharing and software prototyping.

We Build

Smaller, more frequent iterations help ensure everyone is aligned. 

We Support

We support the solutions we build and the people we build them for. 

A Few of Our Favorite Tools

Ruby on Rails, Microsoft.NET, DotNetNuke, iOS, Android, Blazor, React. The list of technology choices is vast. Our preferred toolset is based on years of experience and results, because at the end of the day, software development is about designing and building great software systems.

Deliver Smaller Features Often

Within the industry this approach falls under the umbrella of Agile development. More plainly stated, we want to help you see and experience what you're asking for as soon and often as possible. Getting to a 'yes' or 'no' quickly is a step along the discovery trail.

Discover and Iterate

Custom software should feel as if it's built just for you, shouldn't it? It should meet your visual standards, provide the features to improve processes, and it should bring a smile to your face. Getting to that point is a process of discovery that is best achieved through short iterations to help bring you the experience sooner rather than later.

See and Experience Software Faster

Within software, "simple" can have multiple meanings. A simple screen could mean easy to use, but requires more effort to build. Wouldn't it be nice to see and experience software before writing software? We use AxureRP to build interactive wireframes of complex web and mobile software systems. The DNN content management system is another tool which helps take prototyping to an even deeper level.

Visually Accruate

Built in black and white or full color, we can design with you to help transform words and ideas into wireframes.

Animated and Interactive

From modal popup screens to hidden navigation menus. Interactive wireframes help you see it and experience it.

Experience Your Ideas

Page navigation, searching, sorting - it's all there. Let us help you discover your software system faster.

Rapid Prototyping with Real Data

Using DNN Software's content management system, you can experience a rich web application in minutes.



“Red Barn made the process uncomplicated and worked around our busy schedules to make sure we had full input on the design of our website.”



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