About Red Barn

Our team of professionals can help build, design, and develop
customized solutions for your company’s IT needs.

We craft the right custom solution
for your needs.

Since 2007, Red Barn Software has been crafting business solutions and building lasting relationships. As a software development and IT company, we provide custom website and software applications to residential, industrial, and commercial contractors serving the construction industry. Our broad IT knowledge and experience allows us to help clients increase productivity, reduce costs, decrease risk exposure, and achieve overall greater value from their technology. 

So, why choose Red Barn Software? We understand how to help you add value to your customers and employees. We create websites and mobile apps that help your employees do their jobs more efficiently, provide quicker access to real-time data, and improve your customers’ online experience. Above that, we believe people and relationships matter. We want you and your company to be successful, and look forward to helping you along on the journey.

It's our mission.

Our client's success is the true measurement of our own.
We're here to serve and support people when they need us.

Message from our Founder, Paul Millefolie

When Red Barn was formed, I was very much still a hands-on developer. I enjoyed the creative and technical aspects that I find when writing code. As we began to grow, I realized that many clients have a need beyond the bits and bytes. They needed a partner, someone to shepherd them through their project and provide candid feedback.

We've helped clients with a variety of projects, from web to mobile to database to integrations - and more. Despite their differences, the projects have something in common and that is our belief in helping people. Red Barn allows me to lead a fulfilled life, helping people, and at the end of the day, "people" are what enrich my life.